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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Sitting in the dark,
listening to the beating of my heart,
tools in hand, not knowing where to start.
The feelings back,
it will not give in,
not till I feel my tools,
connecting with my skin.
Emotions hidden,
will not be freed,
screaming for attention,
peace is all they need,
Sadness has risen,
from deep within,
impossible to ignore,
but not knowing where to begin.
Pain is unseen,
to people known,
for they see the person,
not how they have grown.
The talking has stopped,
the voice long gone,
the sound forgot,
the hope is none.
Eventually death will come,
the story untold,
and the truth be left,
for one person to hold.
This is a poem,
told from inside,
a girl with a broken heart,
and an ever closing mind.


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