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Friday, July 14, 2006

i dont know

I sat there quiet,
listening to you
angry and annoyed
nothing I could do
too polite to say I was angry
too respectful to raise my fist
if I could I would say to you
and show you how I can scream too
silent but yelling on the inside
soon to be something I cannot hide
If I could, I'd say to you
how angry I am
you wouldn’t be able to hide
from my clenched hand
would you raise your fist too?
When I needed help
What the Fuck happened to you?
How could I not say anything
take it like an animal
and then just let it sting
to end it myself
I wish I could
only put me down while in the grave
you would too.
You say you don’t know me anymore
Well I know you
I don't care what you say
I heard it before
Every time I hear it
I think I die some more
Do us all a little good
Kill me first
Send me strait to hell
You’ll sleep better too


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