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Saturday, July 22, 2006

July 25 1997

That night
as my body was stolen from me
little did he know he
stole much more than that
I have no ability to think to judge to love
he stole my days and my nights
my dreams
my thoughts and my goal
she could not possibly realize how much he stole
when he just took
a little "piece of ass"
an eye for an eye is how I am thinking
but no matter what I do to him I will never get back my soul
I will never be able to trust
to love, to care, about a man
in the normal way
no matter how much lie to my self
tell my self I am ok
Tell myself I am strong
tell myself I did nothing wrong.
No matter how much I lay, July 25 1997
will always, be the day
my spirit, died


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