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Thursday, July 20, 2006

You made me who I am

You stole a lot form me
That I can never get back
Some may replenish, given time
But others lost forever
You took my virginity
The one thing we both prided
You may not hold the blame
For the loss of innocence
But that nite, the blood I shed
Made you a very dirty man
And me?
A cold, heartless, frigid bitch
You took my self worth
And rammed it down my throat
With my skull against the wall
With your dick in my mouth
You took away the gentleness of love
With the words that spewed from your lips
As I lay across that bar being ripped apart
In the name of love
And learning to respect and obey
I learned, I truly did
I learned not to trust
I learned not to care what happens to me
I learned not to fight it
You taught me not love
You taught me to fear human touch again
I learned a lot that nite
You made me into a true woman that nite
A cold heartless bitch of a woman


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