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Friday, July 14, 2006

another no name

Don't ask for my trust,
I'll take you out with only one thrust.
Don't sit and pretend to cry,
screw you and all your lies.
Don't ask for any help,
I feel like choking you with my belt.
Don't try threatening me with law,
I already feel like breaking your fucking jaw.
Don't give me a "forgive me" gift,
the only thing you will get back is a fist.
Don't try to buy me off,
you already got me so pissed off.
Don't think I hate you,
you know damn well that I do.
Don't try to screw with my head,
if it was my choice you would be dead.
Don't play with my fire,
it will only raise this wall up higher.
Don't say that your addicted,
you fucked me up so just admit it.
Don't ever say you're my dad,
the only feelings you gave me were bad.


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