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Thursday, June 15, 2006

WOnt Stop Writing

Don’t try to tell me
What I’m allowed to say
And do not ask me to
To think your way
I live and breath
Through writing
You can’t take away
My poetry
And I wont stop telling
My stories
And you can kick me until there’s nothing left
Take away my pride
And deny me my respect
But I will still scribble down my soul
With my last dying breath
I won’t stop writing
For you or anyone else
You won’t take away
My right to express myself
I won’t stop writing
No matter what you do
Are you that terrified
Of hearing the truth
I won’t stop writing
It keeps me from being like you
And you can talk
And you can laugh
But I will still bang out
Draft after draft
And no matter what you say
No matter what you think
I will write forever
Until I run out of ink
You can never take it away
You can never chain my mind
I am creating verses in my head
Constantly, all the time
You don’t have to care
You don’t have to read
You can cut me up with lies
And Ill scribble with the blood I bleed
This is my way of living
This is my way of fighting
No matter what you do
I won’t stop writing


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