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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Helping Myself

The sharp razor blades go over my skin
showing my pain from deep within
scars that represent more than physical pain
a pain in my heart that will always remain
I cry out for help but no one hears
I'm drowning here in an ocean of tears
I'm dying slowly, though faster by each day.
I'm sinking in my sadness that won't go away.
My heart feels heavy, like a weight's pulling it down
I'm screaming in this crowded room, but no one hears a sound.
Maybe someday they'll realize, this is my cry for help
but it's probably already too late, I can only help myself.
I'm not strong enough to do this, this pain, I can't set free.
I have learned to realize, it's become a part of me.
Maybe someday someone will pull me out of this lonely pit
or maybe I'll finally give up and I'll die in this pile of shit.


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