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Friday, June 09, 2006

The Past Come Back

Faces in the crowd
Bored as hell turning the channels around
I can feel the change
Cause I hate every beautiful day
Pull myself together just to fall once more
Waking up on the bathroom floor
I am bouncing off the walls again
24 hours on an empty brain
The bar is closing, the music stops
The vodka remains within my head
As I turn to leave, that was the plan
My eyes start straying from me,
They fixate on someone from long ago
He doesn't say a word, nothing has changed
The vodka chasing away my sober promises
And suddenly it feels right, familiar
The reasons are left unanswered, but that’s the beauty
Neither of us knowing what we want,
Both to shy to admit it
There's something there, there is no use denying
I wonder what you want from me
You act like you don't care
And yet become jealous as I talk with a friend
When our lips touch, my mind goes blank my heart skips a beat
But reality soon sinks in,
Youre here for only one reason,
Our reasons don't match, once again
Go ahead and take what isn't yours
I know it will be over come morning


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