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Friday, June 09, 2006

You don't know me.
You think you do, but you have never seen the real me.
I am not a person you would want to take home.
If you knew what was really in my heart you would run and never look back.
There is a demon lurking behind these eyes.
A heart of stone lives within.
I can walk away and never look back.
I can leave everything here and start a new life that you would not recognize.
Remorse is not a part of my make up.
Lethal I could be.
I watch you move like a lamb in the meadow waiting to be attacked.
It makes me drool with lust.
Cross me and I can rip out your soul with one look.
So you think you know.
Think again!I chose to shut the door long ago.
Do not open it. Do not pull in the rusted handle.
Do not unlock the bolt.
The heavy wooden door is the passage way back to feelings from another life.
It is a hall that I do not want to travel down again.
The demons that rest there are shackled to the floor.
That is where they need to stay.
To face them again would be the end of my world.
They would take over my mind and leave me chained inside.
All my treasures would be stolen in the night.
So, please go away and leave it closed.
Please go away and leave my heart alone.


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