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Thursday, July 20, 2006

fuck you

Hatred surrounds me wherever I go
all my hope is lost from your little show.
Hatred for all things, mostly for trust,
the evil keeps lurking and hides where it must.
Each shred of dignity falls piece by piece
chemical substances are my release.
It seems rape is accepted, the victim is wrong
trying to change your mind just takes to damn long.
I just try not to think about what’s going on.
We use violence to fight for a violated person
a victim, a survivor, a liar, a whore.
I am sick of these words I have heard all before.
I respect those who care for my life more than me
they do what they can to get me to be free.
To fight violence with violence just doesn't seem right
though I may be wrong, I think this late at night.
I am hopelessly trying to make sense of my thoughts,
there is nothing to do but you keep doing lots.
I just go with the flow and hope for the day
when my memories are erased of when he had his way.
You've all had your say and you've said it out loud.
I'm a whore,I'm a slut,I deserved what I got.
I wanted it more than anything else,
I lie,I'm diseased.
I could have fought back;
I'm stronger than him.
Well fuck all of you,
you've made yourselves clear.
I've heard your opinions and I don't share your view.
Go fuck yourselves I know that you can,
you've done it before and you'll do it again.
I sit here and hate all life around me,
I'm hurting enough so just let me be.
If I had my way I'd kill each one of you,
when I was done I would kill myself too.
Fuck you, I wish you had never been born.
My heart still beats even though it's been torn,
Would things be easier if I were dead?
It could be arranged,
I'll do it myself to erase all the pain.
But first I have just one thing to say,
two words to make all the pain go away.
Fuck you and fuck you I hope that you die,
Fuck you, you know and I know that you lie.
And fuck you, I hope that your happy now,
Fuck you, you bastard, just go right to hell.


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