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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Another day

Sitting here I'm all alone,
here it is another day.
Silently thinking to myself,
then I start to slip away.
Maybe it's the weed,
or the pill that I just ate.
It's fine because I like it,
this feeling is so great.
I am very dizzy,
I just need to sit.
I do this all the time,
it's OK,
I'm used to it.
I don't feel so good,
I'm sure I'll be OK.
I'm not really worried,
this happened yesterday.
I'm not scared at all,
I feel better than before.
I guess that means I will,
do a little more.
I am really happy
,my pain just went away.
Just to do it all again,
tomorrow is,
another day.


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