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Friday, July 14, 2006


Mommy hear me calling you
Tell me when I will be free
Of this horror in my brain
Tell me when I'll feel no pain
I hope that you can get me free
He's crawling in my bed
How I wish that I was dead
Tell me how that this could be
Now I've got a brand new pearl
'Cause I was the little girl
Mommy hear me calling you
I wish that this could never be
I was only four years old
Only did what I was told
Tell me when will I be free
Caught up in a childhood hell
'Cause I said that I would not tell
Hope that you can get me free
Can't you hear my silent screams
Are things as bad as it may seem
Thought that things were plain to see
Those troubled times have gone away
But the memories are here to stay
Mommy hear me calling you
Maybe you will one day see
Because of this I have no pride
I think of trying suicide
Won't you try to rescue me
Do you believe what I have said
As the bullet strikes my head
No one heard my final plea
Only death has set me free
When you promise not to tell
It will send you straight to hell
Mommy hear me calling you


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