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Friday, July 14, 2006

Family Portrait

In that family portrait
Such a happy family
A little girl on mommas lap
Daddy's hand on her knee
Big brothers hand on my shoulder
Couldn't tell from the picture
No matter how close you look
With a magnifying glass
That brother's hand was evil
Resting there so innocently
Instead of up my dress
Daddy's hand was guilty too
It was yet another reminder
Push brothers hand away again
And feel the stinging slap across my leg
Momma's arms appeared protectively
Yet merely trying to calm me down
To satisfy my father
The camera girl joined the game
"That's sisterly love for you"
The feathers, the toys, peek a boo"
Smile or I'm taking off my belt"
Whispered in my ear
The grin appears so genuineI second-guess myself


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