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Friday, July 14, 2006

Monsters do exist

Monsters DO Exist
The time machine
that is my mind
transports me back
to my fears.
Fear that He will find me
Fear that He will touch me
Fear that He will hurt me.
I scrunch myself into a ball
praying that I might be invisible
praying that I might become the wind
and torment Him
as the wind outside torments the trees.
But I am not the wind and I am not invisible.
I hear him.
I must not stir
I must not make a noise.
But a whimper
forces its way past my lips.
I close my eyes
as He finds me.
I close my eyes
as He touches me.
I close my eyesas He hurts me.
Then He leaves me, in a pool of tears
To cry farewell
to my emotion, my innocence,
and all evidence of a soul.
Who says monsters don't exist?


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