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Friday, July 14, 2006

I'm sorry

I’m Sorry Mommy
I wish I wouldn't
Do I have to do this every day?
This doesn't feel normal.
I'm so mad
I hate myself
I don't deserve to live
I deserve this, it's all I'm good for
What's wrong with me?
Someone, help me!
I scream inside
All I find is darkness.
That's because I'm worthless
Nobody loves me
This is the only way
I feel a cool, stinging sensation
What am I doing?
Then the blood
What's wrong with me?
Gushing over my arm in spurts
Someone, help me!
Blood pounding in my ears, growing fainter
Something's wrong
Dropping to my knees
Why am I so tired?
It's almost over now
So tired, so sleepy
Someone at the front door, sliding slowly out of focus
Mommy, why can't I see you?
All I see is black
Why are you crying, mommy?
Mommy, I'm sorry


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