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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I don't care what you think!
Those are the words I screamed at the top of my lungs today.
Nobody heard 'cus all the pain and yelling is going on inside.
Almost like a war being fought, shredding the insides of my precious soul
All because of the simple fact, I’m quite different from most.
How is that an accurate description of anything in our world these days?
Seems to me like nobody is the same,
It would all be too perfect in too many ways.
So can you really criticize?
Is that really your position?
I’ve taken the time to comprehend this all, why cant you?
I am most honorable.
I am myself, as are some of the lucky few.
We are lucky.
Don’t feel the need to hide ourselves.
Hide behind a shell of ignorance, pretending to be someone else.
That’s not our prerogative.
Yet in some ways, we are coward us.
Cowards we are.
Devoted to ritual.
Standing in the rain.
Holding all our pain inside.
By ourselves.
Because the one ones we can turn to are hidden.
Hidden inside the dark shadows of our mystifying world.
With no way out.


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