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Friday, June 23, 2006

A Way Out

So what is the point of going on
when you live in a place you don’t belong
no one can see who you really are
and each word they say leaves another scar
you cant even walk 2 feet
without getting pushed or beat
you feel like you're nothing at all
wanting to scream, wanting to fall
you stand up and hold the knife
you try to cut out the pain of this life
you want to take the next step towards death
like jump of a bridge and not hold your breath
you need something to fill this empty space
cuz you know you're too weak to leave this place
starting with the drugs all the time
you find yourself all out of line
you dig in your pocket for one more joint
cuz you know your at your lowest point
desperately searching for something else
to take you away from all this hell
then she came along and pulled you out
she saved your life without a doubt


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